Invitation for Application

Send invitations to the precision matched or selected candidates for application to job posted.

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Precision Match of Candidates
Precision match of candidates will be done by the system from eChinacities talent pool based on the key elements of your job. The selected candidates will be recommended to you for sending invitation to.
Proactive Recruitment
The eChinacities messaging system will deliver your invitation to the selected candidates by email, system message, wechat message etc. and send you the feedback in same method. Recruiters can then communicate with those candidates who have accepted the invitation for further discussion.
Recruiters can check in the user center under “Resume/Invitations” the status of invitation.
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This feature is only available to the VIP member at moment. Please purchase a VIP member first if you are not a VIP member yet.

Common questions

You may also contact the eChinacities customer service team at 010-53518678 ext. 803 to get help.