FastTrack Ads

Attract more applicants with maximized ad exposure and reach via featured listing, higher ad ranking, auto-refreshing and optimized search results.

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Advantage 1 Super Ad Display
Maximize ad exposure through preferential search results, multiple channel and page display, and direct display on matching candidates’ user pages. This will significantly enhance the visibility of job ads, especially to matching qualified candidates.
Advantage 2 Special ad mark
A FastTrack mark with brighter colour distinguishes this ad from other ads to attract more attention and application from job seekers.
Advantage 3 Candidate match and invitation
Invitations will be sent to marching candidates by system so that recruiters will receive more qualified and matching candidates for the position advertised.
Steps in purchasing FastTrack ad
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You may purchase the FastTrack before job posting and activate FastTrack on specific job ad in the “online ads” of your account

Common questions

You may also contact the eChinacities customer service team at 010-53518678 ext. 803 to get help.